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Produced to BS1710 using colours specified in BS4800.

Supplied by Albion Systems Ltd who have been printing quality self-adhesive materials for over 20 years. We're praised for our exceptional service and the supply of our extensive range of pipe ID tapes and ductwork triangles next day from stock. We also innovate and drive market growth and can supply bespoke pipe ID tapes, labels, and tags to your design and specification. Our products outperform others available in the market.

Albion Systems Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of self-adhesive materials. Our Pipemark pipe identification tape and Ductmark triangles are printed using our specially developed UV resistant inks (UV+) which offers SUPERIOR performance in terms of colour fastness, combine this with our SUPERIOR "solvent-free" adhesives giving you a pipe ID tape that has an 'in-service' temperature range of -20°C + 100°C.

Pipemark products perform. We not only make them - we make them work too. Our industry-leading manufacturing, selection and conversion processes guarantee the highest standards of quality, technical compatibility and consistency in the industry.

Pipemark's technical leadership is delivered as standard with every product we sell - so is our service and support philosophy. We build relationships and we're prepared to listen, so we ensure our products and service better reflect your needs. We manage every element of your experience working with us; from product performance to state of art production; delivery to customer satisfaction and value.